Washington University School of Medicine

Psychosis-Risk Outcomes Network (ProNET) - Currently Enrolling

We are seeking young people who are concerned about recent changes in mood, thinking or behavior. This research project aims to increase understanding of mental health concerns in young people and how to prevent the development of a more serious mental illness such as psychosis.

You may be eligible for the study if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Ages 12 - 30
  • Noticing a recent change in thinking, behavior, or experiences, such as:
    • Confusion about what is real or imaginary
    • Feeling not in control of your own thoughts
    • Feeling suspicious or paranoid
    • Hearing sounds or seeing things that may not be there
    • Having trouble communicating clearly

Participants will be paid $30 per hour for their time and effort.

If interested in participating, please contact:

Malana Kanallakan

Take our screener if you think you might be eligible, and our research team will reach out to you